LRT’s – Liner Removal Tools & Free Standing Jibs

Relines Australia owns and operates multiple Liner Removal Tools (LRTs). This allows us to deliver a safer and faster mill reline by reducing manual handling fatigue and increasing the speed of “knocking in”. Our Jibs and mobile gantry cranes offers clients an alternative in supporting LRTs onsite.

Liner Removal Tools

Known by the technicians in the field as the Reliners dream tool, the THUNDERBOLT 1500 hammer can do the work of ten men. This hydraulic hammer replaces heavy manual sledgehammers, hydraulic rock breakers, jackhammers and heavy battering rams. It can deliver a high momentum 1500 Joule blow once every second. That’s the power of ten men per stroke 60 times per minute.

It’s the tool of choice for larger mills with heavier liners and larger liner bolts, as sledgehammers are useless and battering rams offer a very unsafe alternative. The THUNDERBOLT 1500 can remove bolts and liners that are impossible to move by sledgehammering or pneumatic breakers.

As its name suggests, the THUNDERBOLT 750 hammer is the 1500’s little brother. It earns its keep by delivering a high momentum 750 Joule blow, twice per second. Equivalent to the power of five men. These hammers help us to get the job done much faster, more efficiently and with greater safety than traditional methods. With exceptional hitting power, the Thunderbolts are powerful partners. They’re recoilless hammers that can be operated with a hydraulic power pack which can be customised to accept any standard 3 phase supply.

Free Standing Jibs

The LRTs can be used in conjunction with any of our Multiple Free Standing Jibs or Trolley Jacks for the smaller mill platforms. Naturally, the hammer suspension method will depend on the specific application and the existing plant infrastructure. There is a range of options, designed to accommodate different hammer sizes and site conditions:

Occasionally, our specialist equipment is also eligible for hire for short and long-term periods.