Baghouse Filtration Systems

One of our ancillary services is to install and maintain baghouse filtration systems. Also known as fabric dust collectors, or fabric filters, baghouse filtration systems are air pollution control systems designed to use fabric filter tubes, envelopes, or cartridges to trap, capture or separate dust and other particulate matter from the atmosphere.

Relines Australia has a workforce with the expertise to and installs service baghouse dust filtration systems. These systems are predominately used in gold, iron ore, lime and cement plants. Our services include complete review and overhaul of the system using specialised safety equipment customised to meet the safety requirements for the management or removal of the filtration cell for cleaning and refurbishment.

“Relines Australia deploys only trained and experienced technicians with the appropriate training and experience to safely install or carry out regular maintenance to these essential onsite units.”

These systems typically require a lot of maintenance and a relatively dry environment to operate effectively. To keep them operating at maximum efficiency, baghouse filtration systems require regular maintenance by recognised professionals.