Contract Labour

Relines Australia offers our clients an alternative solution when it comes to additional contract labour. We understand that using a reputable workforce to deliver value added solutions can contribute to safe operations as well as significantly increase operational efficiencies.

Relines Australia’s multi-skilled labour hire workforce offers our clients the ability to minimise contract companies while delivering suitably trained personnel who share a strong work ethic.

“mill reliners are universally regarded for their worth ethic and ability to deliver outcomes in often extreme conditions .”

The benefits to engaging with Relines Australia for general contract labour include;

  • Minimising the number of contract companies on site during the scheduled shutdown works
  • Employing personnel familiar with site & its expectations
  • Reducing costs through value adding
  • Utilising personnel experienced with working in harsh conditions
  • Utilising personnel that are proven and strong workers

Services we offer for clients include the following:

  • Site Clean-Up
  • Crushing and mobile crushing operators
  • General labourers
  • Process operators
  • Boiler Maker Welders
  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Planning personnel
  • Dogging & Rigging personnel

We believe everyone should be able to finish their shift and go home safely, we’ve established a business culture with a strict focus on work place safety, adhering to AS4801 safety management system. We have purpose built equipment, training and coaching to ensure that our workforce is properly trained and equipped to deal with any situation that we may encounter onsite, or any alternative tasks that may be required of us.