Mill Lining Removal and Maintenance

At Relines Australia, we have earned our reputation as Industry leaders by consistently providing safe, efficient, and high quality professional services. We have invested heavily in specialist mill relining equipment and quality training for our technicians. This allows us to minimise downtime while delivering safe, efficient mill reline services as well as adding value by delivering complimentary services and maintenance solutions across the grinding area.

A successful mill shutdown can be measured by timely completion and zero harm. Proactive maintenance delivers optimum grinding mill operation and efficiencies. Planned regular maintenance shutdowns, reduces unscheduled mill downtime and improves performance. Removal and change out of worn liners and lifters as well as essential maintenance on existing mill lining is a job for a skilled professional team.

“It is well known that using a mill relining provider can save up to 40% of downtime for scheduled mill reline works.”

Whether you require a partial or full mill reline, Relines Australia delivers an ultimate service and delivery model which is complimentary to the following applications:

  • Autogenous Mills (AG)
  • Semi-Autogenous Grinding (SAG)
  • Rod, ball and vertical mills
  • Cement & dry mills

When you require a specialist, you need the knowledge and expertise of Relines Australia. With nearly a century of supervisory and management experience both domestically & internationally across all types of mills, you can rely on us and our proven track record to deliver your reline.