Shutdown Consultation, Planning and Scheduling

Following the initial consultation where we assess the mill type, size and operational history, we action our pre-shutdown planning and scheduling. Relines Australia utilise consultation data to provide a thorough analysis of the labour & equipment required to complete the reline works and provide a detailed timeline for the project which helps us to optimise the timing and scheduling for ‘critical path’ shutdown activities.

Relines Australia attends site to liaise with site-based planning teams for familiarisation, pre-planning and pre-work risk assessments. This ensures all works are planned correctly, the appropriate equipment is available and allocated to the site as well as allows us to accurately quote the works itself.

Relines Australia undertakes safety reporting and site specific documentation to perform all works on site. We work alongside site maintenance, metallurgy and safety personnel to ensure that when our people arrive on site, our personnel have all the training prerequisites and accreditation’s in place.

Our planning team and supervisory personnel combine technical expertise and engineering support, delivering exceptional customer service.