Time Critical and Post Shut Down Reporting

At Relines Australia, time critical and post shutdown mill reline reporting forms a core part of our services. We have invested in the software and training to allow us to deliver real time progress updates to relevant personnel at the end of each shift.

We also provide our clients with a detailed work scope summary report to highlight any potential challenges or continual improvement recommendations in line with our quality and safety management systems. This allows important information to be shared with nominated stakeholders, ensuring transparency between all parties throughout the project.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it…”

Time critical reporting also leads to real-time continual improvements being implemented during mill relining assignments. For example, time critical reports assist us to improve mill lining design, plant modifications, waste control, equipment modifications and tailored maintenance solutions.

We report progress in Real Time. This is possible because we have invested in software that allows us to provide our clients with real-time information throughout the project which includes:

  • When parts are moved
  • Mill-turn time
  • Pieces moved per minute
  • Mill rotations,
  • Equipment logs
  • Updated estimated completion times

We maximise our on-site resources to minimise mill down-time allowing us to keep you informed every step of the way.

Keeping clients updated with time critical reporting supports and strengthens our continual improvement strategy. Receiving reports from our supervisors on real time progress, allows us to achieve time critical deadlines, and analyse and share the learnings from quality and performance data. This supports our goal to meet or exceed quality expectations on every job.